15 projects in 30 days recap

When I started out to build 15 projects in 30 days, I had a simple goal in mind: learn AngularJS and Node.js with enough confidence that I could build whatever I thought up. 15 projects later, I have a basic understanding of AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, and a portfolio of prototypes that could be extended.

I communicated via text messaging quite a bit using Twilio, Tropo, and Nexmo. I captured moments in pictures using Yo and Mailgun. I drew out my ideas using Bitcasa and Firebase. I wrote, read, and spoke words using Evernote, AT&T’s Enhanced WebRTC, Box, and IBM’s Text to Speech. I counted my success with Parse and sent messages with SendGrid and PubNub. I guess it’s now time to head outside to enjoy a sunny day thanks to Weather Underground‘s sunny forecast and head to my next hackathon with Eventbrite.  While I used all these APIs for free, I saved a bunch of change in my Venmo account.

Phew…take a breath for a second!

In total, I used seventeen APIs, used Node.js and AngularJS fourteen times and MongoDB nine times. I used HTML5’s canvas, video and audio features and learned a little bit about video, audio, phone calls, and money.

Having completed my 15th project, my heart has sunk a little. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really fun to build things and it has been an awesome experience. I’m happy with the portfolio of “simple” hacks. But where do I go with this now? In another two days, I’m going to have that feeling of needing to build something, to blog about it, and to share my excitement and motivation. I guess I formed a habit.

As a developer who writes code everyday, the ability to express creativity and to build your ideas is really important. It isn’t just a profession, it’s what makes developers who we are. Developers build things for pure enjoyment.

So…the journey continues. Come back for Project 16!


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